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As a leading distributor and provider of wholesale pre-cut fruits, we strive to deliver the only highest quality and freshest fruits at all times. Our entire process starting from selection and packaging to delivery is strictly supervised to insure everything arrives fresh and beautifully edible. All of our selected fruits have been inspected to meet our high standards for color, appearance, texture, and sweetness. Our team also exercises great caution to ensure the sugar content of fruits is maintained as per pre-set parameters.


WINKLEBLACKS carries various types of fruit such as grapefruit, oranges, apples, grapes, mangoes, pineapples, cantaloupes, melons, and much more. After the fruits are cut, they are packed in rigid, tamper-proof containers, so when they arrive they can be directly opened and eaten right out of the package, used in an arrangement or to make salads, parfaits, shakes, smoothies, etc. Regardless of what food service establishment you own, it is imperative to offer customers consistent portions of fresh-cut fruits.

The sweetness, flavor, color, and appearance are maintained through processing and storage. We maintain quality by applying appropriate packaging technology and maintaining the cold chain from receiving through delivery to the customer. We guarantee timely delivery without unnecessary delays. Our food safety systems are also top-notch and we take great pride in serving you high quality fresh and perfectly ripened fruits. 

We can ship the packages depending upon your requirements – they can be sent in both bulk and individually portioned packs. The cuts, sizes, and packs can be customized as per your order. Whatever your needs, WINKLEBLACKS is here to serve you.

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