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Our yogurt is manufactured using utmost caution – care is taken to ensure that our process prevents the development of off-flavors and creates a naturally tangy taste profile.

We deliver what is promised – when we say 100% natural parfaits, it automatically implies we don’t use thickeners, stabilizers or gelatins to create the luscious texture of yogurt. Since no additives are utilized, it is totally safe for consumption. Nevertheless, the parfaits are creamy and smooth – just the way your customers like it!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to offer something that is both delicious and healthy? That is why our parfaits are in huge demand!

Did you know: The French word for perfect is parfait? 

Yogurt is the diva of dairy goods and is gaining more and more popularity, as nutritionists and health experts around the world agree that yogurt is an incredibly smart and gratifying snack option. Probiotics in yogurt stimulate healthy digestive function, and help produce vitamin B12 and K. As consumers become more health conscious, many are opting for our deliciously satisfying yogurt parfaits for a healthy grab n' go snack.

If customers at your establishment are asking for yogurt and fruit parfaits; or simply looking for a healthy alternative snack, you need to keep up with the demand. While yogurt parfaits are a healthy and delicious snack, preparing them from scratch, can be time consuming and inconvenient. Especially during rush hours at busy restaurant or café. Many of our consumers find it is more practical to order wholesale parfaits that are already prepared. All you have to do is open the packaging and serve!At Winkle Blacks we create delightful parfaits using fresh yogurt and organic granola in different flavors, or adding some fresh fruit to enhance the taste. Be it strawberry parfait, yogurt tinged with mango flavor, or pineapple parfait, you can count on us to provide you with top quality sweet treats.

When whole-grains and fruit are added to yogurt to create a  beautifully delicious snack or breakfast, you are also perfecting yogurts incredible health benefits. The layers of yogurt, grains, granola or crushed gram crackers and fruit is a popular healthy option for many  fast-food restaurants and coffeehouses.

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